Our Homes, Our Havens

Our homes should be our havens – places where we come to rest, spend time together, share food and all the intimacies of life. Creating a comfortable home, which is also our safe space allows us to face all the challenges of the world outside our front door. Sharing living space with family and or others, requires us to have an essential awareness of the thoughts and feelings of everyone residing in our abode. We live in a time now where ‘family’ can  mean step parents, step brothers & sisters and grandparents all sharing space together.

Regardless of our before, living together can be challenging, it’s important to create a space to share which supports and nurtures everyone. Remember that in a shared spaces, everything we may sense will also be sensed by others. Communication and learning to listen to whom we share a home is paramount, being able to meditate or exercise to your favourite music, even simply reading means creating and being thoughtful of the energy surrounding us.

Having resentment in a space is easily felt, keeping the energy clear requires communication and the awareness of other’s feelings, having a nurturing home for our bodies and souls helps reflect who we are as individuals and who we aspire to become. No matter how positive our inner world maybe , if our living space is contradictory or filled with energetic barriers, it becomes difficult to manifest all that we desire. We need to be aware of the energy around us, then we can align our inner intentions with our outer realities to create a life of what we want.

A cluttered space filled with things or feelings of resentment can act like a hurdle blocking you from creating what you want in your life. Letting go of both things & releasing negative feelings throughout our homes and lives, means we and those sharing our spaces can thrive. Our homes are really symbolic metaphor for our lives. Neglecting your space can correspond with a lack of growth or negative effects in our personal relationships or career paths. Shifting and opening up our perceptions, means we shift the way we direct our attention, to enable us to make the changes necessary to create the lives of our dreams with our loved ones.

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