Favourite Things From The Last Few Weeks

Pretty Blooms

I had every intention of sharing on TELL and writing my Favourite Things post for the last few weeks, but life has just kept that from happening lately. In the past I would have worried incessantly and tortured myself up about not having it shared at least twice in a week, but I’m going to give myself some grace (never easy, but I’m working towards that acceptance). It was my daughter’s birthday celebration on June 2, she woke up that morning with a red & swollen left eye, unfortunately those symptoms transitioned into a viral infection that has effected the longterm health of the cornea and eyesight. She has endured countless emergency room visits with 40+ fevers, and daily doctor and ophthalmologist visits for last almost month. Right now, we would just like to manifest some healthy healing vibes and reach the other side….. We are taking her away this weekend to Blue Mountain for a few days of warm sunshine & fun to lift all our spirits and celebrate Canada Day.

Happy Weekend & Canada Day, Leonie xx

Indulging My Coffee Fix

Homemade Gluten And Dairy Free Manicotti Yumminess 

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