Seasonal Closet Cleanouts

I have been cleaning out my closet seasonally since I was in my late teens, start off the beginning of every season with an uncluttered wardrobe space. Keep, sell, donate or trash is my system to purge and organize with ease.

Marie Kondo has made cleaning out your closet popular and mainstream, many of us feel rather than stressed when we can’t find anything or think we have nothing to wear when standing in front of a closet jammed full of clothes and shoes. Having less makes cleaning far easier, so be strategic how you utilize your space and seasonally clean out your closet.

Cleaning out your closet every 4 months at the beginning of a season, allows you to purge of anything you didn’t wear and note down anything you will  need for the upcoming season. Depending on the size of your closet and storage options, some articles of clothing or shoes may be simply bought to the front of your closet while others restored at the back, depending on the weather or the frequency of being worn.

Systematically sort through everything on hangers, in drawers and on the shelves. Item that your not keeping should be divided up into 3 piles: sell, donate or trash. Sell your items at your hometown consignment store, donate others to your local charity or shelter and lastly any items that are worn out can always be used for rags at your neighbourhood veterinary office – but they need to leave your house pronto. I’m a huge supporter of Dress For Success, Goodwill and Salvation Army.

If you haven’t worn an article in a year, be realistic with yourself and consider your life and lifestyle – are you ever going to wear it? Sell your barely worn item, making space for something you will wear regularly. If you’re holding onto clothes which are sizes too small, staring at a closet of clothes that are too small isn’t healthy. Embrace the shape and size of your body and outfit your wardrobe with pieces that fit you right now. Our bodies and sizes do fluctuate slightly depending on our hormones, so I’m not saying to toss everything that maybe a tiny bit snug out, but 2 sizes too small means it’s time to go. Lastly, ask yourself if that item makes you feel good or does it bring up negative feelings…… keep it makes you feel amazing but if it doesn’t it, the item has to go.

Have the philosophy for both fashion and decor items – that less is more. Be conscious of what you purchase, invest in fewer and quality pieces, rather than trendy and inexpensive items that will go out of style by the next season. Ever look at your closet jammed full of clothes and say “I have nothing to wear!” If you answer is yes, it’s time to purge and then routinely do seasonal closet cleanouts so you can actually see and wear what’s in your closet.

Don’t lose sight of beautiful quality items in the clutter, chaos in your home also creates chaos in your mind. Be surrounded by things that enhance your life, not just taking up space. Eradicate negative memories attached to clothing or items by donating the pieces which aren’t making you happy, your closet should be full of things that make you smile when you look at them! Be more mindful about what you purchase and allow in your space.

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