The Best Lingerie Trends Of 2019

If someone says “lingerie” and the first image that pops up in your head is a push-up bra and an almost non-existent thong, you’re stuck in the past. Our uncomfortable, not so stylish past. Today, we are proud to claim some of the most elegant, yet snug trends that have taken the world by storm. That is not to say that it’s time to throw out all of your favorite g-strings, but that you can upgrade your wardrobe starting with the right foundation: your lingerie.

This year is filled with versatile options, and the least you can do is treat yourself to some high-quality items in a funky hue, or a sports bra with a printed motivational statement. The idea behind 2019 lingerie trends is to get creative, and here are a few pro tips we can all get behind when it’s time to put on your finest undies and boost your confidence!

Go For That Lace

Few things can be as feminine as this delicate fabric, hence such popularity over the past several months. Not all the ladies will be thrilled to hear that lace was never really out, but maybe it’s time to give it a go with your own style. After all, black lace in its multitude of textures and floral designs offers such a variety of combinations that it will go wonderfully well with a regular pair of jeans and with your classy little black dress.

However, despite its universality and timeless allure, lace is by no means a superficial, characterless choice, on the contrary! Combine this fabric in all of its gentle femininity with wild and untamed colours such as bright, fiery red, or neon green, or a whole selection of contrasting hues in a single garment, and you have a perfectly unconventional choice.

Sporty Is The New Sexy

Athleisure entered the fashion scene several booming years ago, and it’s as desirable and popular as ever, if not even more so. As a result of this chase for a more comfortable, healthier lifestyle, designers have produced a wide selection of women’s underwear made of breathable, quality fabrics that safeguard your skin. Instead of overly tight, uncomfortable cuts, you can now choose among various snug, form-fitting shapes that provide support as well as style.

Add to that, designers have taken it a step further by offering creative color combinations that give you a chance to express yourself and feel marvelous in your own skin. Who said that durable undies can’t be sexy and luxe?

Bralettes Are All The Rage

It’s time to say goodbye to the ordinary, not so comfy bras of the past. The wires would stick out after a while, wreaking havoc on your skin and the more delicate outfits you’d wear, and not to mention that few bras would give you the support they promise. Enter: the sensual, feminine bralettes!

These lightweight bras without wires, but with plenty of lace to go around have found their way straight to the very top of our trend list. Why? Because they feel supple against the skin, they give the perfect amount of support, and they look sizzling hot under those sheer shirts and backless dresses. It’s time to get a few of these, ladies, and improve your collection!

High Waisted Picks

Low cut jeans might have been a hit a few years back, but ever since comfort took center stage even in the world of high fashion, hip-hugging, high-waisted designer items have become essential. This is precisely why it’s only natural to see more lingerie designs created in the same spirit: to keep you warm and give your belly ample support. If Candice Swanepoel swears by a trend, the rest of us mere mortals can rest assured it’s a safe pick.

Giving your undies a neon edge makes them more fun to wear and more curious to combine with your outfit, while providing you just enough comfort to spend an entire day never knowing you have any underwear on at all! High-waisted bodysuits are a particularly popular this season, so shop around for your next favourite.

Delicate And Sheer

If you have a few of those stunning bralettes and some lace in your lingerie drawer, you should take the next step and opt for something truly bold. This minimalist trend is both sexy and classy, and it does have a unique way of making you feel fabulous without being constricted, pinched, or too tight in any way.

Both panties and bras come in a multitude of sheer shades as well as textured options for a varied look. A perfect choice for the upcoming summer heat, and a great way to pamper your skin with something light and breezy!

Lingerie is the foundation of your look. Use these fresh 2019 trends to upgrade your wardrobe and you’ll be all set for yet another shopping spree for a perfect power suit to match these mighty delicates!

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