6 Simple Decluttering Guidelines

A messy filled to the rafters, with too much stuff house is no fun, just the thought of it makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed.  You can’t clean your house clean unless it’s organized, simply shoving your belongs into cupboards or under the bed doesn’t count as organized. Getting organized, means decluttering, there’s no point hiding everything out of sight, for it to just fall on your each time you open the closet door.

For many of us though, purging a quantity of our possessions means we don’t even know where to start! As with any other process, you need a few guidelines, use these six rules of decluttering and take that step to living a clutter free life.

Start Small And Easy

Gain momentum in process by paring down the easy things first, start by purging items that don’t hold any emotional attachment. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and then will motivate you when the decision making on other items becomes tougher.

Toss Any Duplicates

Another easy decluttering trick involves discarding any unnecessary duplicate items. How many duplicates do we actually need? Many of our duplicate items are in the kitchen, because it means we don’t have to clean the dirty one straight away just use another. Spend time going through your home to gather all the duplicate articles of like clothing, dish sets, utensils and knick knacks. Keep only your favourite or the item in the best condition.

Document Rather Than Keep Your Nostalgia

The emotion of nostalgia can lead us to hold onto stuff (clutter)we don’t need. Many of us struggle with letting go of item which has memories attached, instead digitize your prized possessions. Scan certificates or childrens’ artwork then store in your computer and organize them into folders. Take photographs of trophies or prom dresses, then add the photograph to your digital keepsakes archives.

Stop Guilting Yourself

Empower yourself to declutter by remembering not to hold on to things out of guilt. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for that stylish article of clothing or household item, unwanted gifts or inherited family heirloom, you need to part with those things immediately if they are cluttering up your space or you don’t use the item regularly. They belong to you now, and the decision of whether to keep them or not is also yours.

Everything Needs It Own Place

For your abode to be organized, all of your possessions must have a designated place to be and to always return them to there home. Knowing where each item is stored / belongs makes everything easier to clean and tidy, also lowering the chance of clutter becoming a recurring problem.

Bring Less Stuff Into Your Space

Before you even begin to purge and declutter your space, make a sincere promise to start living with less stuff. Sometimes this can be difficult because you want a reward your hard work but don’t rush and purchase another frivolous thing, reward yourself with a glass of wine or a night out with your girlfriends… not another dust collecting piece of bric-a-brac.

There’s absolutely no spending your time and many hours of effort to declutter if you’re just going to buy more “stuff”. Encourage the mindset to only shop with intention, only purchasing an item that you really need not just want.

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