Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message is challenging you to ask yourself: “Am I living my most authentic/real life or someone else’s version of my life?” Do you live to please others (parents, society, friends) who expect you to ‘show up’ in a way that makes them happy and feel comfortable? Have you fallen into and continued behaviours not truly aligned with your heart and soul over the years…as to not ‘rock the boat’?

Do you feel empowered and free…or do you feel like an imposter in the most important relationships in your life? What might it be like for you if you could be fully and unapologetically YOU?

Think about it…are you real in some areas or your life but not in others? What would it be like if you were truly you in ALL areas? If you answered something close to ‘heaven on earth’…I would have to agree with you.

Even if some people do not appreciate your shift/transformation and agree with you living real and living free… no worries…as you really cannot go back to playing small and fake, to people please them anymore. When you GET IT…you can never UN-GET IT.

You become truly you… and sometimes it might cost you relationships. But trust me…it’s worth it…as there are miracles on the other side of inauthentic living ☆ No relationship is as important as feeling/being REAL is ☆

At Your Service, E

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