How To Plan A Party And Protect Your Home

Hosting a party in your home can be quite fun, but it is no easy task – it requires plenty of preparations and planning, especially when you are expecting a large number of guests. There are many considerations you need to take in order to make sure your guests remain safe during the house party, and even more so to ensure that your property is also safe from any potential accidents and mishaps. So, here are some tips to help you ensure your home is safe and protected when planning a house party:

Spills And Stains

Ending up with red wine stains on your new fabric sofa, or even worse, getting a glass spilled on your pale colored carpet is a true nightmare scenario. In order to prevent accidents like these, it’s best to cover as many light fabrics as possible. If your entire house is carpeted in white, it might be best to re-think the red wine option, and even invest in stain removersin advance, so you can deal with any marks and spots promptly. Drink rings on wooden surfaces can be avoided with secured cloths, which will also prevent scratches, while TVs, DVD players and other electronics are safest tucked away in cupboards or inaccessible rooms.

A Smashing Time

While no one will bring their antique tea set out for a house party, replacing your standard china or glassware can still be quite costly. Smashed items are pretty embarrassing for the guest, potentially hazardous for everyone else, and very awkward to clean up in the middle of the party. So, the best idea might be to use disposable cups and plates or, if you want to avoid single-use plastic, you can opt for paper, palm leaf and other biodegradable options. Damage to most furniture is unlikely, but floor-standing lamps, plants and ornaments are easily knocked over in a busy space, so try to remove them from the main party space.

Kitchen Nightmares

While the kitchen might seem like the most logical eating area, besides the broken plates, glasses and cutlery, it can be extremely messy after the party, some potential damage might be done to your appliances, and you’ll have almost no control over people rummaging through your fridge and pantry. So, in order to save your kitchen and even save some time while planning the party, the best idea might be to designate a different area for eating, such as the sitting or the living room, and hire some great catering servicesthat will provide you with amazing food and help keep your mind at bay.

Garden Parties

If you have a large enough outdoor space, a backyard partymight be a much smarter and less hazardous idea – just make sure no one tramples through your house with muddy shoes on their way out, and your home can remain intact. However, watch out for any impromptu sports or games getting out of hand and breaking any windows. If you have high quality outdoor furniture, it can be as tricky to repair or replace as your sitting room suite, so make sure it is properly protected as well.

Enjoying The Day

With all the planning, hosting and worrying about the state of your home, it can be difficult to remember that you should take some time to sit and enjoy the gathering, but the most important part of having guests over for a house party is to enjoy having them there. So, make the party preparations easy on yourself, so you can enjoy the company of your friends and family while it lasts. Save the cleanup for after they go, try not to worry about all of the things that could go wrong and do your best to have a good time with your guests.

A lot of party disasters can be easily avoided, as long as you plan ahead and keep the safety of your home in mind. So, forget about your worries and try to have fun and enjoy having your friends and family nearby.

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