Spring Into Spring Health – Level Up Your Habits

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to get your health routine ready for the new season. Here’s what you can do to level up your habits and spring into heath:

Get Active Outdoors

What better way to take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather than to move your workout routine outside? When you spend too much time in the gym you can get caught up in routine and exercising can turn into a vanity project.

Moving your workouts outside can help you clear out your mind, enjoy nature, and see the big picture. Plus, exercising in the sunshine is a natural way to boost your Vitamin D, so get out of that stuffy gym and enjoy the great outdoors.

Eat Seasonal Produce

Eating seasonally is one of the easiest ways to give your diet a spring makeover. Seasonal produce hasn’t been stored for too long, which means it’s fresher and has a higher nutritional value. Seasonal food is also tastier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than out-of-season produce.

Your spring seasonal eating plan should include plenty of green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and leek. Local fruits you can find on Australian markets during spring include apples, bananas, figs, grapes, plums, kiwifruit, lemons, oranges, and mandarins. You can also add some flavour to your spring recipes with fresh basil, chives, coriander, dill, lemongrass, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Book A Dentist Appointment

The warm sunshine is finally out, which means you’ve now got one more reason to smile. This means that, in addition to your regular oral hygiene routine, you also need to schedule a dental check-up.  Your dentist will check for cavities, do a thorough cleaning, and give you tips for a spring-ready smile.

Maintaining a long-term relationship with your dentist is crucial for your oral health. Prevention is the most important thing when it comes to maintaining your dental health and keeping that radiant smile in check. Many people opt for having their teeth checked by a reputable dentist. After you’ve made sure that the dental clinic accepts your insurance plan, you should check out the dentist’s qualifications and specialities. It’s also a good idea to get referrals from friends and acquaintances and read reviews and testimonials from previous patients. 

Stay Hydrated

Reduced risk of heart disease, increased energy levels, and improved concentration are just some of the many benefits of staying hydrated. Drinking enough water is also an easy way and natural way to keep your skin smooth and supple, stimulate digestion, and prevent seasonal migraines.

So how much water should you drink every day? Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that women should drink 2.1 litres (about 8 cups) of water per day, while men need 2.6 litres (about 10 cups). Some people, however, require an even higher fluid intake. These include endurance athletes, people who are continually exposed to hot conditions, and those who are on a high-protein or high-fibre diet.

There a number of easy tricks you can try to make yourself drink more water. For example, you can try adding some fresh fruits or herbs to your water bottle to make the water tastier. Use a marked bottle so you can keep track of your water intake and every time you empty the bottle, fill it up immediately. Keep bottles of water all around your house, in your car, and at work so you’ll always be reminded to take a sip.

Cut Down Screen Time

Spring is an ideal time to go on a digital detox and cut down your screen time. Reducing the amount of time you spend with your gadgets leads to better memory, improved mood, better sleep habits and a healthier lifestyle. Less screen time also means more opportunities to enjoy the lovely springtime with your loved ones.

To cut back on your screen time, you first need to make some rules around your house. Make the dinner table a no-tech zone, move the TV out of all bedrooms, and let everyone know screen time is a privilege, not a right. You should also be careful about bringing your work home, turn off all email notifications and let people schedule a meeting over phone instead of dragging you into endless chat sessions.

There you have it! If you want to enjoy the spring season to the fullest, move your workouts outdoors, find a good dentist, eat more seasonal produce, and drink plenty of water.

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