5 To Do’s For The Beginning Of The Month

If you’ve been reading TELL for awhile, then you know I kind of love planning and organization. There are a few certain things at the beginning of every month which need to happen, they help me stay organized to create a “fresh start” for each new month.

Make Plans & Notes

I use both an electronic and an old fashioned paper calendar to look at the months ahead and pencil in any birthdays, celebrations, other plans and scheduled appointments. Make a habit of doing this at the beginning of each month, remember if there are any special occasions in the calendar that require extra spending money, add those costs to your budget.

Set Realistic Goals

A new month is a great time to set a couple of goals and to also reflect on the previous month to what you achieved. How did you do with your goals last month? Are you on track to get where you want to be and what can you improve upon for this new upcoming month?

Clean & Declutter

80% of my cleaning tasks are accomplished on a weekly basis. That aside, at the beginning of each month a good few hours are spent on a deep cleaning of my home and possessions. The oven, the coffee maker, the dishwasher, the windows, the car and dropping of any boxes or bags with unwanted or unused items. Embracing a simple lifestyle helps with this process, as you clean your spaces carry a bag or box to fill up with anything that’s no longer needed.

Pick Out A Book Or Two

I love reading, I always pick out at least one book to read at the beginning of each month, sometimes it’s 2 or more!! It’s a mindful mix of self-help and non fiction. If you’re not much of a reader, choose a podcast or two instead, improve yourself or your knowledge in a fun way.

Evaluate Your Budget

Sit down at the beginning of every month and evaluate your budget. Really take the time to look at your finances, the key to successful finances and no money stress is budgeting. No matter how well you might think you’re doing financially, a quick review of your monthly finances at the beginning of each month puts things in perspective.

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