Make Your Home Smell Like Spring

Can you believe it? Spring is finally here…..

I love natural scents, switching on my essential oil diffuser filled with an oil is an every morning occurrence in my home, but lately I have been experimenting with simmering stove top potpourri. It’s a mix of ingredients that you will already have in your refrigerator and pantry (fruit, spices and herbs) that you simmer away on your stove all day long, just replenishing the water as it slowly evaporates. A natural scent that will have your home smelling amazing, a far less expensive than scented candles and much safer too. Did you know that some candles have toxins within the wax which can actually harm yourself, family and any pets during the burning process? These spring scents will last throughout the day and evening, even after you have retired the simmering pot for the day. In the early throes of spring, we still have to use the fireplace for warmth which can make the air in your home quite dry, a simmering pot helps add moisture to the air to stop dehydration.

Try these 3 variations that smell of spring and fresh air! With all the spring cleaning happening in the next few weeks, simmering potpourri scents will also make your home smell fresh and clean.

Simmering Potpurri Recipes – Preparation Time Is 10 Minutes Per Recipe

Lemon And Rosemary 

2 Lemons, Sliced

A Bunch Of Fresh Rosemary

1 Tablespoon Of Vanilla Extract

Lime, Ginger & Thyme 

3 Limes, Sliced

A Bunch Of Fresh Thyme

Some Ginger Finely Sliced

Lemon, Thyme & Lavender

2 Lemons, Sliced

A Bunch Of Fresh Lavender Springs

A Small Bunch Of Fresh Thyme


Place all the ingredients into a pot and fill with water and simmer. Add more water as needed. You can use the same pot and ingredients for a couple of days.

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