If you’re about to convert an extra room into a cosy guest bedroom, keep in mind that no guest will expect a hotel room with a mini bar, en-suite bathroom, and Egyptian cotton sheets, but in general they will appreciate a comfortable space they can call home for the time of their stay. Let’s look into the basics of getting that guest room right.

Give The Room A Theme

While this is a rule that you should follow throughout your entire home, unless you give your guestroom a style, it will look like an unused zone you use for guest storage. If you live near the sea, it could be a coastal scheme with marine colours, beach artwork and subdued tones. In such a setting even a single bed can look inviting. The theme, however, doesn’t have to be so distinct. It can be bound to the colour palette you’ve used in other rooms in your home.

Don’t Skip The Nightstand

Not only does a nightstand let your guests keep a lamp, glass of water, phone, medicine, and other must-have items within the reach, it will also round up the bed area, and give the room a more intentionally designed look. However, it doesn’t have to be an actual nightstand, as even a stool, a nicely finished crate, or a bench will do great. If your guest bed is a low air mattress or a futon, even a serving tray will make a nice ‘nightstand’.

Set Up Adequate Light

Whenever you stay in a new environment, chances are that you don’t know your way around in the dark, so make it easier for your guests by providing a bedside lighting. It doesn’t have to be a table light on a nightstand – wall sconces and floor lamps are even better as there’s less chance of a guest turning them over. Keep in mind that your guests might be jet-lagged, so consider setting up a night light in the hallway in front of the guest room or in the bathroom.

Provide A Comfortable Bed

Of course, the most important feature in a guest bedroom is the bed they’re going to be using. While many homeowners don’t give it much thought, allotting an extra sofa or a daybed, if you want your guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep, make sure you choose an ample king bed which can also act as the focal point of the room, while providing great support.

Have Extras Ready

Guests will appreciate an extra blanket or pillow, especially in the colder part of the year. For the summer months, that ceiling fan and lightweight blanket option would be a nice gesture. Make sure you point out where these extras are kept, so your guests can grab them in the middle of the night without raising you from your sleep. Complimentary items like drinking glasses and a bottle of sparkling water, as well as a sleeping blindfold at the bedside will be much appreciated by guests who’ve just got off an overseas flight.

The Bathroom Etiquette

If you’ve built a guest bathroom adjoining the bedroom, you’re probably already all set up. However, if the guests will share your facilities, make sure you leave the guest towels on their bed, so they know which one to use. You can even choose separate colour for each guest, so there is no confusion even if they get mixed up.

Travel Compliment Touches

Chances are your guests will want to relax the moment they arrive, help them get comfortable by adding a luggage stand, even a spare chair to put their bag on. Also, add several wall hooks throughout the room, so they can hang their purses, or smaller bags without losing them in the unpacking clutter. A basket filled with fresh towels, soap, and toothpaste will make them feel at home, but don’t forget the most important detail – a card with Wi-Fi instructions.

Whether you have friends staying overnight or family visiting from out of town, your guest bedroom will make sure that everyone can enjoy sharing your place while you catch up and make new memories together.