How To Keep A Clean House

Keeping your house clean should not require a 4 hour cleaning session every week, unless of course you have allowed your home to turn into a disaster zone. Keep your house clean and enjoy an uncluttered and tidy home all the time. Create a list of tasks and chores which become ingrained habits over time, the best benefit of this change is a home that is always clean and tidy. Imagine being only 10 minutes away from having company over at any time of the day? Try incorporating these tiny tasks into your day routine until they are habits you don’t even have to think about.


Hang up handbags / bag packs and coats / jackets, and store any shoes in the closet immediately after coming through the door.


Clean the kitchen as you prepare the meal, don’t just pile the dishes in the sink: wash them or place them in dishwasher immediately. Sort and clean out any lunch box containers when you washing up from dinner, wipe down all then kitchen counters each evening and make a habit of always switching the dishwasher before bed and then empty the first thing before breakfast the next morning. Remember to discard old uneaten leftovers from the refrigerator as you make your meal plan and grocery list for the following week.

Dining Room

Don’t allow any random items to take up residence on the dining table, gently remind family members to put things where they belong. If things just pile up there, they need a designated home and it’s not on your dining table.

Living Room

Refold throw blankets and fluff pillows when you leave the room. Create certain times throughout the day when any toys get picked up,  maybe before lunch and dinner. Remove any mugs or bowls to the dishwasher when leaving the room, wipe down the coffee table daily.


Make your bed every morning, a crispy made bed begets tidiness for the rest of your bedroom. Straighten anything out of place in your bedroom after you have dressed for the day, organize any books and items on your nightstand, place clothes needing to be laundered in the hamper, and return any cups & saucers to the kitchen.


Efficiently wipe down the bathroom counters as you brush your teeth. Keep a spray bottle of cleaner and a microfibre cloth in the bathroom for convenience. Replenish the toilet tissue, ensure there is plenty of hand soap and change out hand towels daily.  Take the trash from the bathrooms each time you take the kitchen trash out.


Place any bills for payment, marked with the date, into a to-do folder immediately after the opening mail. Organize your desk after every time you use it, by creating specific locations for paperwork it doesn’t just pile up into stacks.

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