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Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message is based on a great quote written by one of my favourite writer/researchers ☆

I love Brene Brown for a few reasons. She sparks courage and self acceptance at a whole new level…and today’s post rings especially true for me…as becoming TRULY myself saved my life. Are you holding back from expressing yourself fully and completely? Do you fear being shamed? Do you play it ‘small and safe’ so others will not judge you? There IS a danger in this. Not only do people NOT get to experience the REAL you they really want to know…and possibly even fall in love with…the world also does NOT get to experience your unique magic by you choosing to NOT self actualize…ie: become TRULY yourself.

I believe it is our duty…that each and every one of us to GET this…and learn how to get and stay out of our (fear and ego) way in order to connect to OUR manifest OUR every dream. One of my personal stories includes me naturally leaving behind depression, anxiety, panic disorder and suicidal idealization…by becoming authentically me.

I SO want this for the world. I believe that when we embrace our truth…miracles become a daily occurrence and darkness just becomes a memory. By darkness I mean things that have a grip on you…eg: mental illness, physical dis-ease, addictions big and small and relationship problems. Getting real CAN save your life…as Anita Murjani spoke of, in her true story of crossing over to ‘the other side’ and coming back from cancer in her book: ‘Dying To Be Me’. You have a duty to shine as bright as you are able and make the world better in a way that only YOU can!

At Your Service, E

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