Tips For Laundering Your Lingerie

Just like any article of clothing, the quality of your undergarments determines the type of care required. Finer materials and fabrics need delicate and gentle laundering, by tending to your underpinnings with a kind touch they will definitely will last longer. There’s no shortcut for properly caring for your lingerie but here is a couple of  tips to effectively wash your underthings.

Lingerie detergents aren’t just marketing that companies use to create extra revenue, they were created because regular detergents are far more abrasive and break down fabric fibres of delicate garments. Gentle detergents and correct laundering absolutely preserve the life of your underpinnings. Colder water is best for washing to avoid any shrinkage and to keep the integrity of the materials intact, but panties need to be washed in warm water to kill any bacteria. Hot water is damaging to the gentle fabric fibres and can warp the underwires in brassieres and corsets, while items like Spanx will lose their elasticity.

Hand washing is especially important for underwire brassieres and corsets, it should only take you 10 minutes which includes soaking time. While with underwear bottoms, the delicate cycle of your machine in warm water contained within a lingerie bag works best.

Unlined brassiere materials are so thin they won’t absorb much water to be wrung out while moulded cup or push-up brassieres, might need a light and gentle squeeze to remove the water out before hanging or laying to dry. A drying rack is wonderful way to have lingerie dry fast, laying flat works too but not on a solid surface, as the air won’t be able to circulate. Definitely do not put your lingerie in the dryer!

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