Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

The message I was asked to share today is this: It is NEVER too late for a ‘do over’.

Are you happy? Are you truly happy? Do you believe you have the right to generally be TRULY happy? Did you somehow get stuck into living a life that no longer (or never even DID) feels right…is it really YOU? Did you choose a job or career that does not bring you the joy and satisfaction you desire? Do you feel deep down in your heart and soul that you are here for a bigger purpose than you are experiencing?

As a coach, I hear over and over from my clients: “you gave me permission to…..”.They go on to do some really outstanding things like: write books, leave careers, start new ones, leave toxic relationships and attract AMAZING new ones…etc.

I actually believe I do no such thing, as I do not tell anyone to do anything. People simply get real and take inspired action through our coaching. I sense they believe that because I managed to leave behind a shiny looking yet impostor/inauthentic life to live my dreams and bigger purpose…they can too.

It’s pretty sweet! OK…so I encourage you to look closely at your level of joy and engagement in your life. Does anything need to shift? Is there anything you need to leave? Is there something you need to embrace? Listen deeply…then act if you are inspired to beautiful soul ♡

If I can support you at all, feel free to get in touch.

At Your Service, E

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