Look Sophisticated Without Spending Your Entire Salary

Being stylish or looking sophisticated, there is a difference. Many women look stylish, as your individual style is completely personal and varies from person to person, but looking sophisticated is more about being classic (never trendy) and incorporating luxurious details into your appearance. This doesn’t mean have to spend your entire salary on expensive articles of clothing or accessories, though.

Knowing When To Save, Spend Or Splurge

Mix both high cost and low end pieces together seamlessly and divide your clothing budget into three categories – save, spend or splurge.

Splurge on items which have staying power, a piece you will wear for years or even pass down to your daughter. Collect these pieces over time – an iconic and timeless handbag, a trench or other classic coat,  a pair of diamond studs or pearls, a gorgeous leather belt, a string of pearls or stunning cuff.

Spend on excellent basics and always buy the best quality you can afford. An amazing pair of dark well fitting  jeans, a high caliber LBD, black leather pumps, and a classically styled blazer or wool suit. Theses are pieces you will wear over an again which work in your everyday life. Don’t forget about amazing fitting underpinnings, choose well made lingerie and hosiery.

Save money on tees and tanks, work out gear, printed tops and skirts, flip flops and other trendy items or new styles you aren’t so sure about.

Remember this rule – your outfit should include one splurge to elevate your look, a spend piece and the rest can be your saves items.

Some Clothing Needs To Be Dry Cleaned

Not all your clothing can be wash and wear. You wardrobe needs pieces with structure which are lined and some silk / wool items, these articles need to be dry-cleaned. Cashmere and a few delicate fabrics can be carefully hand washed, having a polished and elevated look needs regular gentle maintenance.

Shoes, Boots And Handbags

Your accessories are important, remember if you’re out for the evening – carry a clutch not your everyday handbag you use for work. Wearing a strappy sandal means carrying a small fun bag, while ankle boots or riding boots need something heavier with s structured presence.

Keep your shoes / boots, belts and handbags in an excellent polished condition or visit the shoemaker regularly and always replace items that are starting to look worn when repair is no longer an option.

When purchasing your handbag or boots choose the simple well made item, not every bag can be an iconic classic with the matching price tag or that will cost your entire salary. A fake or inexpensive handbag or pair of boots covered in logos will cheapen your entire look while a structured leather bag and well made pair of boots in a gorgeous colour with hand stitching will only elevate.

Your Grooming Matters Most

The most luxurious element you can invest in, is you! Focus on having healthy clear skin, you require less makeup and your skin will glow, only use products to enhance your natural features. Your personal appearance – having your hair coloured & blowdried, legs hair free, with hands & feet manicured makes you look and feel amazing. You will easily elevate even a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt if you are well groomed, rather than looking shabby wearing your splurges needing to shampoo your hair and sporting a bare spotty face.

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