Favourite Things From The Last Couple Of Weeks

Morning Coffee With My Amazing Friend Susan, Who Patiently Waits While I Walk Along At A Very Slow Cautious Snail Pace To Reach Our Favourite Silvercreek Coffeehouse

Spring seems too far off as we’ve been treated to both polar vortexes and days of freezing rain of late, but there is bright shiny light at the end of the tunnel – spring is officially here in 26 days. I think we all find ourselves craving all things bright, fresh even new in an attempt to brighten up this rather dreary weather and will an early spring. As I am still rather housebound healing from my knee injury, I will gratefully say yes to all of the coffee outings (thank you, my wonderful friend Susan) and colourful blooms I can get right now. As always here is a peak into my time with a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

P/S Thank you so much for the dozens heartfelt emails, texts and direct messages from everyone concerned about my injury, I am healing slowly but surely. It was so sweet and amazing of you al  to reach out with your kind words.

These Colourful Blooms Came Home To Brighten Up My Day

Breakfast In Bed

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