Don’t Waste Time On These 5 Things

We all have the same 1,440 minutes each day, and it’s really up to each of us how much we choose to achieve in that time. Those minutes disappear really fast, before you let your minutes and hours evaporate into thin air, remember time is a resource which we need to use wisely.

Wasting Your Commute Time

Do you have a lengthy commute to work each day? Don’t waste that commute time, think self-improvement minutes! Turn “unproductive” time into “productive”. Instead talking on the phone or zoning out to music, choose listen to a podcast or an audiobook, only 30 minutes of an app like Audible and enjoy a really interesting book. Did you know that the average millionaire reads at least 2 books every month?

Having An Open Schedule

Have a purpose each and everyday, know what you want to achieve on a daily basis. Many activities throughout your day like work and some appointments are not negotiable but large portion of your day can be planned, prioritize to do the most important 3 things first off your list then everything comes next in order. Schedule what needs to be done or delegate if possible.

Saying “Yes” When You Should Be Saying “No”

Boundaries are important and is key to not wasting time. Have a difficult time time saying no ….. remember that saying, “time is money” more importantly, time is infinitely more important than money. You can always make more money but once time is gone, it’s disappeared forever. Time is priceless so don’t invest this highly valuable commodity into something that isn’t important to you.

Answering Phone Calls Without Purpose

If it’s not an emergency call and you are in the middle of important task let it go to voicemail, the same goes for a text. Having a telephone is wonderful convenience but they are also a rather huge distraction. Set your phone to silent when beginning your assignment or endeavour, you will achieve significantly more and have a wider productive focus – the calls, texts, and social media notifications will still be there after the job is complete.

Repetitive Tasks 

Do the same task repeatedly? It isn’t necessary to be starting from the beginning each and every time, automate those items that occur weekly, monthly, or yearly. Set up direct debist to pay your bills and accounts, maintain your phone and computer with automatic updates, sign up and receive coupons directly to your inbox on your regular purchases, and keep your important documents safe using an automated back up function on your computer or to a cloud drive.

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