Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day in whichever way you chose with whomever you chose! On the coat tails of this international day of love…today’s message came through very strong. ‘SELF love is the BEST love’. Bam! It’s also love that most of us are not encouraged to pursue as we grow up. We are encouraged to put others first and often feel guilt for taking care of ourselves. I believe it’s truly a lifelong journey to learn to love, respect and honour ourselves. I also believe in the magic and miracles that happen when we deeply embody ‘self love’. I have witnessed clients become magnets for miracles, when they shift to this way of being ☆

Here are some good tips on how you can foster ‘self love’ in your life. It IS a daily process. I know I will be an advocate for and on my own ‘self love’ path till my very last breath. Sending you SO MUCH LOVE ♡

At Your Service, E

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