Easy Housekeeping Hints

The last thing you want to do after being at work all day is come home to a cluttered, messy house with dishes stacked high and a long list of chores to do. How do you manage to keep up with everything when you’re gone all day? These are simple and easy housekeeping hints to keep on track.

Wash At Least One Load Of Laundry Every Night

If you wash at least one load of laundry each week night, rather than leaving it pile up then having to wash load after load on the weekend. Weekends will be so much more enjoyable because there is only a couple of  loads to launder come Saturday. Wondering if you have enough clothes to justify washing a load of laundry each night? Even a family with 2 adults and one child laundry can have at least one load of laundry each evening, and if you use a high efficiency washer you can lander a small to medium load in 30 minutes or less. Simplifying your laundry routine means less stress for you, and you can actually enjoy your weekends.

Unload And Reload The Dishwasher Every Morning

Spend less than 15 minutes each morning unloading and reloading your dishwasher, no more having to face this chore in the evening when you’re exhausted from work or attempting to do while you’re cooking the evening meal.

Invest In Some Sturdy Attractive Storage Baskets / Chests

Attractive storage baskets and chests are wonderful for organizing all throughout of your home – entryways, living room, laundry room and bedrooms. Sturdy storage baskets (with lids if possible) in your living room & kids bedrooms are perfect for storing everything from books to toys, while a storage chest at the end of your bed or under the window can store blankets and quilts. A couple of baskets under your hall table in the entryway is the perfect spot for extra mitts and hats especially if you don’t have a dedicated mudroom.

Invest In A Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most useful presents I ever bought myself was a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, when you don’t have time to do a full clean of your house just pull out the cordless vacuum for the most used hallways and rooms. It’s also perfect for cleaning up little messes under our dining table & cleaning off the dining room chairs, staircases & banisters, the car, my handbag and numerous other nooks and crannies without have to worry about a cord trailing behind.

The 15 Minute Evening Pick Up

Spend just 15 minutes at the end of each evening doing a quick room by room pick up. Fold throw rugs, straighten & plump pillows, collect any stray cups and plates to load into the dishwasher before switching on, return any missed toys to their storage baskets and remove any items left scattered over your coffee table, kitchen counters or dining table.

Enlisting The Help Of Your Children

As parents we have to teach our children how to be productive, the value of time and earning money. Learning starts when they are small, most kids are very willing to help out around the house when you start the process early, whether you also include the pocket money principle linked to the chores is entirely up to you. Simple chores like dusting the furniture and baseboards, loading the dishwasher with their utensils, washing unbreakable dishes, gathering the dirty laundry, folding laundry, returning toys to their storage bins, finding the ingredients for recipes from the larder, gathering & taking out the trash, and putting groceries away in the pantry.

Try a family chore chart in your home,  it can be easily referenced with both print or pictures so  the entire family no matter the age they can help out when needed. Chores teach children accountability and responsibility, which every child needs to learn.

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