Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message is riding on the heels of a wonderful ‘Networking 360’ event my fabulous friend and PR professional Jennifer Beale ran yesterday ☆ It got me very present to how my beautiful tribe of sensitive Lightworkers are SO very attuned to energy…more than the average person. Hearing I was ‘too sensitive’ growing up used to make me feel ashamed, but now I realize it is a ‘superpower’, as we intuitively know who to move toward and who to turn away from energetically. Can you relate?

Truly…you need to trust your vibes, as they do not lie. Do you pick up people’s energy? Do you have a really great B.S. meter and simply cannot tolerate lack of authenticity? I encourage you to tune in deeply to your ‘gut feelings’ and trust them. The more you do, the more you will attract wonderful people and opportunities to you. You will notice ‘less than wonderful’ people will simply stay away or drop out of your life…as they sense your ‘superpower’ and do not wish to be called out.

Here’s an example of how this played out for me yesterday. A woman who I had heard had been unkind behind my back could sense my ‘invisible shield’ and although we smiled and greeted each other, she knew to stay away. In the past I would have felt awkward. Yesterday there was no drama. I felt peace & neutrality. I kept my personal power and it was an amazing night…as I was blessed to meet several like-hearted entrepreneurs that I look forward to reconnecting with already ♡

At Your Service, E

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