Favourite Things From The Last Couple Of Weeks

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For Anyone That Isn’t Aware Of  This British Term, It’s Light Refreshments With Tea Or Coffee Taken About Eleven O’Clock In The Morning

I have to say that the last two weeks have been rather debilitating …. I unfortunately fell tearing the ligaments in my left knee and ankle, and have literally been confined to all day rest. When I do venture around it’s with the help of crushes or walking cane so combined with the overcast winter days (and all the snow!!!) things have been rather “interesting” in my little part of the world. But my blessings are still abundant and I have lots to be thankful for, especially for those special people in my life so kindly helping out with my daughter with the afternoon trips home from school.  I’ve always believed that the universe gives us exactly what we need, just when we need it. While I’m not loving the current situation, I am required to make myself a priority and to take care of myself. As always here is a peak into my time in a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

This Has Been My View For Most Of The Last 2 Weeks, I Did Edit My Foot Out Of The Photograph 

Last Night’s Dinner Compliments Of My Amazing Husband And His Culinary Talents

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