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Happy Wednesday beauty! & Happy February too ♡

This post was inspired by a post I made on Facebook last night highlighting the fact that ‘many roads lead to Rome’ when it comes to mental health. This past week there has been a lot of attention on reducing the stigma of mental illness, which is just wonderful.

With all due respect to ‘standard care’ in mental health support however, I do believe that the system is failing many beautiful souls. Yet there are many AMAZING people doing AMAZING things supporting those struggling with mental illness. I feel we need to stretch our ideas of what can serve those struggling, at times, in even MORE effective and empowering ways than the ‘standard care’. I would like to share one of my favourite case studies in my coaching practice to give you an example of what I’m speaking of.

A 17 year old client’s mother found me very serendipitously shortly after her daughter tried to take her own life. Her beloved girl was ‘cutting’ and ended up in Emergency at a local hospital. She was then given a therapist. After 2 years of regular therapy sessions she tried to hang herself, but fortunately she did not succeed. ‘J’ found me shortly thereafter and knew intuitively that I would be able to support her beautiful and artistic daughter. Her daughter was being bullied because she was so beautiful and talented. You know the story, every boy wanted her…every girl hated her.

Within 2 sessions this beautiful girl made a 180° shift and I’m humbled to say she is now a happy and successful college student…and knows her WHY ☆ I know many of my wonderful colleagues are passionately serving their tribes who identify with their own Stories and they are facilitating miracles every day. People like Zak Lioutas, Melanie Fry, Melissa Maher & Rosie Harland to name a few, are making a REAL difference. There are many more. I wish to elevate our life work so that open-minded people, struggling to get help in our struggling system, can get the support they need. There truly is hope, as the right tools can make ALL the difference.

At Your Service, E

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