3 Tips To Simplify & Clean Your Home

Ruthlessly Declutter & Purge

Clutter is the number one reason our homes become messy.  Have you ever found yourself buying storage containers to organize the “stuff” or held on to something you didn’t really like because someone gave it to you? Frustrated that when you do manage to get your house cleaned up, it never seems to stay that way? Can’t find an important document because you have too many piles of paperwork?

Gain pleasure from having less stuff….. it’s really not that hard, you just need to get started. Tackle a small project first like the junk draw, then maybe the hall closet, one space at a time – determinedly & ruthlessly keep decluttering and purging. I’m thinking to do another decluttering of our closets this winter, so we only have the clothes that we actually wear, the rest can be donated to someone truly in need.

Everything Must Have A Place

Once you have control over clutter then you can organize, items need a place to be, having stuff piled up in cupboards and spilling out of drawers is not organized. Remember that cabinets shouldn’t be filled to overflowing, enjoy having space in drawers and cabinets to easily retrieve your items without having to pull and push other contents aside. Have enough clothes hangers for the articles of clothing you own, but are they all tightly jammed into your wardrobe? Are you really wearing all these clothes? If the answer is no, why are they still in the closet? The amount of “stuff” in our homes need limitations and the process of organization is an ongoing one,  your home needs organization so it’s a peaceful environment for you and your family.

Do A Little Every Day

Housework can often start feeling overwhelming, doing no household tasks and leaving it undone for days means that surely your home is a mess. Leaving laundry so then they are multiple loads to be done, dishes left in the sink or toys left are strewn across the floor aren’t the type of sights you want to see first thing in the morning – it’s not only depressing but discouraging for the rest of your day.

Just doing the bare minimum doesn’t get it done. The easiest ways to make your home more organized is to do a few chores every day. A couple of loads of laundry each morning, stacking and turning on the dishwasher after the evening meal, emptying all the trash bins, quickly vacuuming a room or two, wiping down at least one bathroom, and a quick tidy up of all your reception rooms – this way nothing gets the chance to build up into a gargantuan task.

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