Imbue Your Kitchen With Scandinavian Flair

The Danish design, known for its harmonic use of complementary features such as light and neutrality, nature, intimacy, functionality and warmth, is swiftly taking over the world and making its way into an ever-greater number of contemporary kitchen decors. And rightfully so, as this fairytale-like design structure is meant to imbue your home décor with love and positivity, keeping you warm during those gloomy days but also allowing you to stay productive and optimistic. Let yourself fall into the fairytale that is Danish kitchen design and utilize the following features to imbue your home with Scandinavian flair.

Paint It In Snowy White

White, sounds a bit mundane? Actually, it is everything but. You see, this all-encompassing, elegant, natural and illuminating hue can serve a variety of purposes whereas if you were to choose a more distinct colour pattern, your decorating and accentuating options would become greatly limited. With plain white, however, you are setting the grounds to create any unique ambiance you envision, boldly and without hesitation, as the optimistic white will easily accommodate the following features that make this style so beloved among homeowner around the world.

Light For Positivity, Spaciousness For Serenity

The warm, vibrant setting comes to life with the use of open space and natural light that allows your kitchen to radiate serenity and positivity at all times, transitioning from a fairytale ambiance during the day into an enchanted forest in the evening with the help of warm lighting that mimics the setting sun. You will allow for sunlight to travel deeper into the room by introducing wide or floor-to-ceiling windows that will not only allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of your garden but also bask in the sun’s healthful rays. For a dash of privacy, you can mount stylish wooden shutters to turn the entire room into a private oasis in the evening.

De-stress And Embrace Functionality

Scandinavian designs promote minimalism and functionality for a good reason – to de-stress and imbue your soul with peace. Too often do we find ourselves overburdened with the troubles of modern-day life, and coming home to a messy kitchen will only promote stress and foster the atmosphere of anxiety and negativity. You need to embrace the calming benefits of minimalism and de-clutter your kitchen of any unnecessary features, such as things you don’t need, things that don’t work but you still keep, and things that you do use yet they carry gloomy memories within them.

Introduce A Statement Sink And A Daring Backsplash

The Scandinavian design thrives on complementary hues and open spaces, but it also needs a dash of variety in order to shine in all its glory. In Australia, for instance, homeowners and interior designers are elevating the Scandi design to a new level with wonderful statements such as a bold-looking sink above the countertop, usually in a rustic hue, supported by a striking backsplash in a contrasting shade. This way, the sink is a sculpture in its own right; however, in order for the design to truly come to life, you also need to ensure plumbing and amenities around the room are working perfectly at all times.

A good idea is to again look at how Australians take care of the fixtures in their Scandinavian kitchens. Leaving nothing to chance, professional emergency plumbing in Sydney is readily available to fix any problem as it occurs in order to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the setting. So be sure to have a reliable plumber in your location on speed dial in order to enjoy the Scandi design in all its glory.

Let Neutral Hues Tell The Tale

Neutral hues represent the calm before the storm. In case you are not a strong proponent of neutral elements, it is because you are yet to recognize the benefits they carry in terms of style and décor. Cream coloured kitchen cabinets, paired with subtle marble countertops and pale blue shelving present the perfect setting to accompany the final piece of the Danish kitchen puzzle that will complete the room and bring its unique, daring ambiance to life. It is time to make the room shine.

Accentuate With Nature

This is the final step that will reveal the fairytale setting you have been envisioning ever since your eyes sparked with interest to this story. This is the moment minimalism, functionality and light come together to welcome nature and let it penetrate the room creating a harmonic setting that promotes health, peace, warmth, love and happiness. The flair is in the details and you can introduce natural features such as a wooden table surrounded by complementary wooden chairs and find natural tableware to display your crockery in a rustic environment.

Flowers and plants play a key role in portraying an image of intimacy and the unbreakable bond between man and nature, so you should introduce potted plants in the corners and on top of cabinets and decorate the shelving, window sills and kitchen table with flowers and warm candle pieces to complete the fairytale ambiance.

This unique design trend is taking the world by storm and you can also create the kitchen setting of your dreams by introducing these features one at a time in order to slowly imbue your home with timeless Scandinavian flair!

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