Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

So, I asked Spirit what message I needed to share today…and I got “Love…remind them that they are love” ♡ You are not the myriad of things you might have been led to believe while growing up. You see, the people in your circle were looking out for their own interests first and foremost. Needing you to feel your wholeness, your completeness and perfection (in the midst of imperfection) may not have been on the agenda of even those who loved you most as you grew up. Perhaps they needed you to stay small and easily controllable to keep you safe and make their life easier.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they were ‘bad people’. They probably did their best. I’m referring to parents, family, friends and teachers…those who influenced you most during your most influential years. Your ego/personality developed to keep you safe. But it isn’t who you TRULY are. Today’s message is a reminder you that you were created by a loving and divine Source that also created the heavens and the earth… and YOU are a chip off this ol’ block…and are therefore LOVE ♡ However, you get to decide if this fits for you. Who are you? Are you your ego…or are you something more? Could you be LOVE? I truly believe that you are! If you believe it too…then LIVE it….and watch the miracles happen ☆

At Your Service, E

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