Caring For Coloured Bed Linens

Coloured bed linens aren’t able to withstand the temperature of hot water unlike their white counterparts with causing fading and weaken the fabric fibres. Always ensure that you have removed any stains from your coloured linens prior to washing, make a paste of washing soda and water (equal portions) then apply to the stain with a small soft brush. Slowly and gentle work the paste into the stained linen, be cautious you don’t want to harm and cause pilling or mar the sheen of the fabric.

To maintain bright tones and vivid patterns, turn linens inside out where possible before laundering, washing in warm water and a using a gentle detergent. Remember to check the wash tags, some linens can’t tolerate long heavy washing cycles. Too much fabric softener can also weaken delicate fabric fibres so only use half the recommended amount, and only if really necessary. There a couple of natural alternatives to using store bought fabric softener, one is white vinegar.

Take care when drying bedlinen, hang to dry whenever possible but if tumble drying is the only alternative then choose the delicate cycle. Add wool balls to the load, I sprinkle my wool balls with drops of essential oils for a wonderful fragrance. Check the load often to make the linen don’t turn inside each or become twisted causing wrinkles. And definitely do not over dry, this will damage your linens and fade the colours, sometimes even ironing won’t remove wrinkle indentions.

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