Decisions That Don’t Need Explanations

Ever found yourself in a situation explaining  your decisions, but deep down you’re wondering why it’s necessary? I have, from defending  a career and lifestyle choice or needing to justify a financial or personal decision. Thinking about those scenarios now, I shouldn’t have bothered to waste my energy and emotions.

We all want love & support, and we are also searching for positive validation of our decisions and heartening feedback. But remember it matters whom we are trying to please and seek that reassurance from. That circle of confidants should be very small & intimate few, who provide an incredibly strong and loving network. Why are explaining your choices? Is it because you aren’t sure and want feedback to dissolve any insecurities, or validate your decisions? Are you feeling pressured by outsiders to defend yourself?

I surround myself with trusted advisors, people whose opinion I value greatly but the ultimate decision will always be mine. I think living an intentional life means being confident with my choices……. while being true to my values, priorities, and goals. But no matter how much understanding and support we want, some decisions definitely do not require others approval.

Your Values

Having values whether moral, ethical, spiritual and political are the guiding principles of your life. These values are your own personal lighthouse, once decided you need not apologize for them – they define you.

Spending Your Money

People seem to make judgments about the money situation of other people – family members, friends, neighbours and coworkers. From natural curiosity to irrational thoughts and sometimes even money shaming. You don’t need unsolicited advice on how to manage your money, whether you should choose a minimalism lifestyle and living frugally or decide to reside more lavishly – you don’t need to explain your money decisions.

Your Dreams And Goals

Whether they are unconventional, ambitious and unique – your dreams and your life – and we get only one chance (reincarnation and multiple lives aside). Be unapologetic about your dreams and future goals, don’t waste time or delay them achieving them because of the need to justify your dreams to others.

Forgiving Others Or Moving On

All of us have had situations occur when we are faced one choice or the other, having been treated unfairly and experienced someone hurting & disappointing us. There are times when we are able to forgive, but sometimes the only choice left is to move on and forget. These decisions are deeply personal which no one should interfere with, you’re the only one to know whether there’s a way back or not looking back is the only option.

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