6 Essentials To Start Your Yoga Practice

So, you’re finally going to give yoga a go. You’ve made a pretty great decision and you probably know all about how beneficial it’s going to be for your body and your mind, but you’re still not sure what you really need to get started. Besides signing up for actual classes at a good studio, you could also benefit from bringing a few essentials with you. If you want your yoga sessions to be easier and more enjoyable, here are some of the things that you should bring to every practice.

Exercising Mat

Any kind of slim, roll-up exercise mat will do, though you can easily find specialized yoga mats that are really easy to put into your backpack. Something as simple as a well-made mat can make it significantly easier to practice your poses without having your feet slip and slide all the time, and this is particularly important for a beginner who’s still struggling with balance.

Comfy Workout Clothes

You don’t need anything flashy for yoga, but it might actually make you feel more motivated to practice if you’ve got a cute set of workout clothes on you. Slim Puma leggings are recommended over a loose tracksuit because they won’t hinder your movement in any way, and you can pair them with a simple tank top. One thing you absolutely need is a good sports bra. Even though yoga isn’t a vigorous form of exercise, you should still protect your breasts.

Big Water Bottle

As with any kind of workout, you need to stay hydrated if you want to retain your focus and your energy. You should sip before, during, and after a workout to keep your stamina at a higher level, but you really don’t need any sugary sports drinks. Simply grab a reusable water bottle, fill it up, and keep it in your backpack so you could rehydrate during breaks. While yoga isn’t a form of cardio, it can still get pretty intense and make you feel very thirsty, so you’ll need plain water to sustain you.

Clean Towel

If you think yoga isn’t the kind of exercise that will make you sweat much, you’re wrong. It can give you quite a nice challenge and push your body to its new limits, so do bring a towel to dab away all the sweat and keep your face dry.

Small Post Workout Snack

Post-workout snacks are a great way to replenish nutrients in your body and make any kind of exercise even more effective, and for a beginner it’s a great idea to eat something healthy to fight those hunger cravings. Ideally, you should eat within 15-20 minutes after a workout, so if you can’t make it home in time, you can pack some Greek yogurt and a granola bar in your bag. Bear in mind that most commercial granola bars are filled with far too much refined sugar, so it might be a better idea to have a healthy homemade version to snack on.

Open Minded Good Mood

If you’ve never attended a class before, you might be a little confused by the sheer calm spirituality of yoga. For a lot of people it’s not just about getting their exercise, it’s about the whole meditative experience of it. So, before you judge anything, try it. Go in with an open mind and allow yourself to relax and follow the patterns and the voice of your instructor. You might end up enjoying it more than you ever thought you would.

As you can see, you really don’t need anything special to begin. With a few of these necessities and a positive attitude, you can start taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, so enjoy your yoga journey and soon you’ll grow to love it.

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