3 Ways To A Healthier Life With Limited Effort

Many people make resolutions or goals in January to live a healthier life, but by February those intentions are pretty much forgotten about. I’m sorry but never eating bread, drinking the occasional latte or working every single day at 5am isn’t going to happen but small changes become habits which then become your everyday routine.These are 3 ways to live a healthier life with very limited effort:

Drinking Lemon Water

Lemons are energizing, detoxifiying for the liver, improves your immune system, helps maintain the ph balance of your body, and are full of rejuvenating vitamins to enhance the quality of your skin. Starting the day with a warm cup of lemon water improves my mood and sets the tone for the day.


Visiting the coffee shop or going store to store for errands, walk instead! Take the bus or park once downtown and then walk! Don’t just drive your car out of habit, walk when you the have time. It’s your same routine, but adding in all that movement and extra steps is a simple easy way of exercising.

Get Better Sleep

Hours of mindless watching TV or scrolling social media late at night for many people is their favourite way to unwind. Unfortunately all this does is alert your brain more, it’s not actually relaxing for you body or encourages sleep, it’s the complete opposite. Start a good evening routine to wind your body and brain down ready for a deep and restful sleep all night long. Skip the TV and phone for reading a book, maybe some self care with a face mask and turn down those lights.

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