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Hello Everyone,

Another amazing holiday season has passed and 2019 has arrived. What does that mean for you? Did you make resolutions for the year ahead? Instead of making resolutions I made the decision to start living with intention in all areas of my life. I wrote a little more about this in my first post for 2019, Living With Intention. For the past year I’ve been feeling the constant urge (far more than my normal super green clean, organized self) to declutter and purge the excess, which meant spending hours of my time diligently and methodically going through every square inch of our home to minimize the “stuff” as much as physically possible. Simply put, I no longer want to be the manager of “stuff or things”. It’s quality over quantity, and only what we actually need, people and experiences before things always. 2019 is already off to an amazing start….. so looking froward to a year of showing up more, connecting more and loving more.  As always here is a peek into my time with a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

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