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Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message was inspired by a Facebook post I made this past week.

‘It’s really interesting that SO many of us have had many a ‘dark night of the soul’ this year. Yet we stand. We MADE it!’ It received a lot of engagement. I also read many other friends’ posts essentially saying: “Thank goodness 2018 is behind us”…yikes! Honestly…2018 seemed to knock the snot out of many of us…lol! I’m laughing to keep from crying…because I too struggled a LOT this past year. It was a real comfort to see I was not alone as I witnessed so many of my beautiful friends had struggled too… yet I never knew of their struggle. SO many of us struggled alone & in shame. It made me pause and get really present to this sense of powerlessness in our shame. However simply ‘naming it’ feels lighter. Communication & being seen/witnessed really helps ♡

On a more philosophical note, I believe that the world is changing quickly. I believe we are evolving as a humanity. ‘Lightworkers’ are rising. My definition of this magical breed of people is: beautiful heart-centred souls who have struggled through their own dark times and have crossed over to the light…in order to show others how it’s done. I truly believe humanity needs these fierce badass yet almost angelic beings…forged through the fire of their ‘darkness’… as they can offer hope and tools…as they have emerged stronger & wiser because of their ‘personal hell’. Do you identify with being one of these amazing souls? If so…message me back…I would love to chat with you! OK…so CONGRATS love…you made it it through 2018! My sense is that 2019 is going to be a BREEZE…ENJOY!

At Your Service, E

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