The Best Food And Wine Pairings

Since the holidays are in full swing, it is certain that there will be some sort of wine served at any table. As a matter of fact, what can be better than a sip of high-quality wine that complements the delicious festive dishes? One of the most common issues that may arise is choosing the right type of wine to go with a particular dish. Indeed, pairing wine and food choices to accentuate the subtle flavours can be quite tricky. By mixing and matching the right beverage with your favourite meal, it is possible to bring out the best of both worlds. By following this guide, you will be able to pair different types of dishes to the best type of wine possible. There are a few key principles that should be taken into consideration.

Choose A Flexible Type Of Wine

Most people like to drink their glass of wine while also enjoying a bite of delicious holiday food. One of the key properties that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right type of wine is acidity. Imagine this; you take a sip of red Burgundy, or dry Riesling, then you take a bite of a home-cooked meal. Next, you take another sip, after which you indulge in some more food. Thus, a flexible type of wine goes well with most meals, whether sweet or savoury.

Combine Fatty Foods With Opulent Wines

Fatty foods that contain a lot of animal fat, butter or cream go great with concentrated wines which have an intense flavour. The richness of the meat is perfect because it softens the opulent taste of the wine. Some of the most popular choices that go well with fatty foods are Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The firm tannins that can be found in wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon have a refreshing effect. If you are looking for high-quality beverage choices, Aussie Wine Export has a wide variety of red, white, and sparkling wines. In addition, it is possible to buy wine in bulk. Wines such as Chardonnay are an excellent choice which should be combined with fatty fish or any kind of fish in a rich sauce. Also, if salmon or any other kind of seafood is to be served, it is best to grab silky whites.

Match Expensive With Expensive

Combining cheap wine with a decadent seafood meal simply does not make sense. Also, it is ridiculous to open up a bottle that you have been saving for a backyard barbecue. The best option would be to pair expensive wine bottles with decadent food choices. For example, if you are serving expensive crown rib, then it is a good idea to reach for the best quality wine that you are able to get your hands on. One of the pricier wines on the market is Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, which goes extremely well with juicy dishes, such as steak. Not only will your guests feel luxurious, but the flavours will be able to complement each other.

Combine Sparkling Wine With Salty Foods

Sparkling wine is a staple at any Christmas party or New Year’s bash. Almost everyone likes to indulge in some extravagant Champagne when the clock hits midnight. The best way to enjoy sparkling wine is to pair it with any kind of dish that has a salty flavour. Dry sparkling wines such as Champagne and Spanish cava are some of the best choices when salty foods are on the menu. The subtle touch of sweetness from Spanish cava is absolutely refreshing when it is paired with meals that contain, for example, noodles.

Delicate Goes Well With Delicate

Is there any curry on the menu? It is never a good idea to pair a dish that is as strong as curry with a delicate tasting wine such as red Burgundy. It is important to remember to take into consideration the ingredients and subtle flavours of the dish so it does not overpower the wine. This means that it is best to pair delicate with delicate, while bold goes best with bold.

In summary, it is extremely important to have an idea of how to properly combine an expensive bottle of wine with a particular dish. As a result, you and your guest will be able to indulge in your meals on a whole new level. Enjoy the holidays!

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