Living With Intention

So we have started another new year, did you make any new years resolutions? Instead of resolutions, why not simply start living your life with intention? Our choices sometimes leave us feeling mentally depleted, emotionally unwell, and even financially spent. Making the choice to live with intention can change all of that by eradicating your life of unhealthy relationships, lifestyle demands, consumeristic influences and poor financial patterns. Living with intention is a practical path to having fulfilling life and create opportunities to invest in what matter most in your life. 2019 is going to be my year of living with intention in all areas of my life and family.

 Be Very Selective of Your Relationships

Many of us stay in stagnate relationships / friendships because of familiarity, yet these relationships cause us difficulty and can create torment within our own lives. Saying “yes” when I really wanted to say “no” would frequently lead me down the road of disappointment, I was also exhausting myself emotionally because the relationship / friendship wasn’t providing me with any real happiness. Be selective of your relationships /friendships, choose to place your time and energy on relationships which are fulfilling and with people that truly care for you and want to see your grow & flourish in life.

Declutter And Make Space For Life

For all of you that read TELL everyday, you know that I regularly post about this topic and I am constantly organizing and donating items.

Simplify your life and that of your family by decluttering and clearing your space of excess possessions. Clutter impedes the flow of energy around us and our ability to be really present right now in this life. It also highlights lack of organization and tends to amplify imbalances and discord within the rest of your life.

Overcome those feelings by discarding all the boxes of old paperwork with the help of a shedder, purge the mountain of clothes sitting in your home’s closets which you and your family haven’t worn in years, and mindfully remove excess material possession that are taking up space for no real reason. Clutter doesn’t always look the same the same for everyone… keeping “stuff” just for the sake of it anchors you to the past rather than the future.  Removing excess promotes a sense of control in your space and life, while creating a new present and focuses you forward into what lies before you.

In the last few weeks my family & I have been reassessing all our possessions and what we really want and need in our space to live well. It has been thought provoking and sometimes a little unsettling how much stuff we really don’t need, while I don’t think we are going to completely embrace the “minimalism” movement of the moment, we definitely reshaping our decision making of what is necessary.

Managing Your Money 

Money management is not to most of us, a very pleasurable task, but it’s a very necessary and effective way to simplify your life. When you properly manage your money, you reduce financial strife in the future. Poor spending becomes a pattern which then creates discord and difficulty in other areas of  life. Not being prepared for emergencies creates more stress and unrest, but when you know where your money is going your life is not consumed with worry and anxiety of  “what if happens.” Simplify the flow of money with a structure you have created of healthy habits, this will manage your money and frees you to live a life of abundance.

  • Meal planning before your grocery shopping trip
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Create a spending plan / budget
  • Eliminate any debt

I’m planning on sharing a few posts about my intentional changes with money/ budgeting over the next few weeks for our goals for 2019 and beyond.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

By embracing your natural beauty, you develop a healthy self-image. Accepting yourself in a natural state creates time for self love and care. While everyone needs to maintain their physical self, look beyond social consumerism and accept that we are all unique and enjoy your life not someone else version of you.

Learn to Say “No”

“No” can be so difficult for many of us to say. Why do we feel obligated to accept every invitation and acquiesce our control at the request of others?  Making our lives more difficult than necessary by giving up time and energy to situations we don’t truly want to be in. Why is it so difficult to simply say “no”?

Saying no takes a great deal of practice, but experience feelings of autonomy when you actually make the decision to “no” when needed. Benefit from emotional independence when you answer “no” to situations that are unhealthy for you and your family. By saying “no” when necessary life will become easier as you will have more time and energy for what’s most important.

Living with intention means for life to be “lived”, most times simple and to shared with others. Be able to have more mental and physical space for productivity, to generate increases for your finances so to create time for yourself and your family to make memories. This year is going to be full of love and amazing times, I can feel it.

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