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Hello Everyone,

This is my last Friday post for a few weeks as I’m taking some time off to really immerse myself in my family. My daughter is at such a fun age and my youngest son is arriving from Australia for some vacation, I seriously can’t wait!

As I reflect on the last year, with the flames gently flickering and cup of peppermint tea steaming in front of me, I can’t help but feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. 2018 has been the year challenges both personally and professionally but it’s also been filled with an immense amount of growth, treasured experiences and joy had in each and every moment.

I want to thank every last one of you for reading everyday and be part of this journey with me. I have amazing plans for 2019, and I truly can’t wait to see everything (and share) come to fruition. Wishing you all the most incredible Christmas and New Year, I know I go on and on about the holidays each year and they aren’t always easy for everyone. Please give yourself extra some self love and tenderness, and know that I am sending healing energy your way. So lastly, here is a peek into my week with a few photographs.

Wishing you wonderful things for the year to come, Leonie xx

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