Is Your Home Christmas Ready?

It’s the entertaining time of year, and with Christmas only 5 days away don’t leave organizing to Christmas Eve. Holiday festivities always seem to creep up on you as your holiday house guests seem to be on the doorstep in a blink. Preparing your home for hosting or guests always takes longer than you expect – with shopping, food preparation and the “cleaning”. Planning is key here so minimize your stress, so write your list to get started right now, don’t leave it another day.

First Impressions

Make sure your entrance way and hall is decluttered, no boots or  hats in sight. Next wipe down the light fixtures, outlets, any fingerprints, baseboards and throughly vacuum the floor and any rugs. Make sure there is room in your coat closet for guest coats, not filled to the brim with your own family’s belongings. If you have a hall table, this a wonderful place to add a festive holiday foral arrangement or diffuser dispersing holiday aromas.

Declutter The Living Room 

This room is where your guests will probably spend most of their time, so focus on this space. Declutter ruthlessly (if you haven’t read that old magazine or newspaper yet, too bad), while also returning everything to it’s rightful home. Remember when you pick something up, don’t put it down again until you put it away in the right place. Dust from top to bottom and deep vacuum the cushions, upholstery, floors and rugs, baseboards and trim work. Don’t forget about your drapes, now isn’t the time to launder them, vacuum with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Gently wipe over any furniture with slightly damp cloth, plump the cushions, wash the floors then decant a fresh room scent and move on….

Kitchen Clean

Clear all surfaces, wipe down countertops and draw fronts, vacuum floors and baseboard then mop. Empty and rinse out your kitchen bins and check there are plenty of bin bags handy. Don’t forget to clear out your refrigerator discarding anything expired or decant into smaller containers, ready for your entertaining goodies. This is the time to add an extras to your supermarket list. Remember to stock up with ice cubes in advance even storing them in a basement freezer if necessary.

Towels & Linens

Launder your all bed linens, kitchen linens and towels now along with any pillows and duvets. Steam or iron any tablecloths or napkins that you are planning on using for hosting. Refresh anything that can’t be laundered with a lavender fabric spray which is safe for humans and pets.


As with the living room, declutter ruthlessly. Dust and wipe down furniture, clean any light fixtures and wall plates, wipe trim and baseboards. Deep vacuum all upholstery and rugs (don’t forget about the drapes or window coverings), and wash the floors. Change up all your beds with fresh linens.

Powder Rooms & Bathrooms

Spray all surfaces first, wipe down with microfibre cloth, antibacterial wipes are amazing for a speedy clean of surfaces, shine all mirrors and glass then throughly bleach the toilet. Confirm there are plenty of bathroom supplies like toilet rolls, fresh hand towels, tissues and hand soap refills which are easy for guests to access. Replenish this space with a scented candle, room fragrance or atomizer.

Dining And Formal Rooms

Dust all the furniture, baseboard and trim work then wipe down with a damp cloth. Deep vacuum all the upholstery, drapes and rugs then wash the floors. Set the table if your hosting, laying out the larger platters and formal crystal glasses with the silverware. Don’t forget about the table centrepiece and replenish your supply of candles for any candelabras or votives.

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