Keeping Stress Away During The Holidays

The “holidays” are really an oxymoron…… the happiest time of the year? With all the sparkly lighted tree lined streets and roads, the smell from the freshly cut wreaths and garlands, the hot cocoa, and the fact that Santa undoubtably on his way is totally amazing but can also make us unbelievably stressed. Try these few ideas to get your mindset straight and stress levels low.

Do Things That Take Care Of You 

The ideas of “me time” slips off the calendar during the busy holiday season, but knowing what makes us feel great and taking of yourself is a mistake. Make yourself a priority – if that’s hot water with lemon in the morning, mediating for 20 minutes, taking your daily vitamins & supplements, eating green & clean, having salt baths or sleeping 8 full hours a night.

Planning Ahead Of Time

All the crazy entertaining and hosting leads to all sorts of stress, try to prep in advance. Plan a couple of party outfits complete with shoe options now. Pack a few healthy snacks in your bag when you’re off to do that last minute shopping dash, and don’t forget when stepping out to an evening holiday party to spend the earlier part of your day eating healthy so that you can indulge a little later. Stock up on a few hostess gifts like a fun cocktail recipe book, a retro cheese board or wonderful homemade treats (made by your own 2 hands) which are wrapped and ready to go.

Have Some Time To Yourself

The day after day and continuous nights out of celebrations during the holidays become exhausting. Just the conception of constantly having to be “prettied up” with an upbeat vivacious headspace takes a toll on our mindset. It’s okay to take a break from the concentrated family time or take the night off and skip a holiday party.

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