Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message is inspired by my dear friend Hisham Qaddoumi…as it’s basically lifted from a Facebook post I made the other day…which he thought should become a blog post. My apologies if this is a repeat for you.

Earlier this week I got a flat tire…far from home… and I made a funny FB post about it, which my dear friend Hisham and I had a few laughs about back & forth!

I got very present, through our light interaction, to how blessed I am to have shifted my mindset over the years…as there was a time when I would have panicked and gone into ‘victim mode’ around the experience and hubby and I would NOT have joked and laughed about it as we did late that night when my man actually should have been sleeping as he gets up very early. We had a blast…an adventure!

You see…about 8 years ago, when I left behind an inauthentic 6 figure corporate ‘healthcare expert’ life… truly NOT me…to embrace and embody a unique collection of mindset tools/teachings that were divinely gifted to me…intended to save my life…as at my lowest point I thought the world was better off without me…it set me on a whole new path…a REAL life of service ☆

It became my moral obligation to share ‘The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset’ as others who struggle in ‘victim energy’ can also be served by the very simple teachings and need not stay in their ‘dark times’ (physical or mental breakdown) for very long…by using the same powerful ‘tools of transformation’ ☆

Wouldn’t you agree that it truly is NOT about what happens to you…but it’s about what you tell yourself about what happens to you…that determines how you feel and your ultimate outcomes? Living out of alignment with my heart and soul had me suffer as a victim for too many years.

Can you relate at all? I was like a freshly planted tree…any wind could blow me away…and it did. I got bullied as an adult. I had a ‘Kick Me’ sign on my back…and people DID. To be REAL honest, I would have too. I was annoying…I was a Crap Magnet!

Now I’m a solid oak…with deep roots…fully self expressed…fully me…and no wind can ever blow me away again…I’m now blessed to be a Miracle Magnet ♡ Because of this ‘mindset medicine’, I will NEVER be a victim again. Crappy stuff still happens. I just have some cool #powertools to help me shift quickly.

What’s interesting is that I had done a LOT of personal development work over the years… and had been raised as a staunch Roman Catholic…but the teachings I personally channeled were the ONLY ones that helped me escape my darkness quickly and naturally…I needed no drugs or therapy.

Even more importantly, they helped me get out of my own f’n (fear and ego) way so I could create a beautiful life of MY dreams (not my parents or society’s) where I was blessed to become an artist…a professional musician at the ripe sweet age of 51…working on world class jazz stages with Juno award winning artists. Pinch me!

I also have a beautiful online store that sells my handmade bling…a dream of mine for years. And even better than that, I connected with my deeper Purpose…my WHY (World Helped by You) ☆

My ‘darkness to light’ story and tools, is now serving others…and I live in gratitude for every moment of pain that led me to my service to my ‘one-on-one coaching’. My clients having been consistently manifesting miracles of THEIR heart’s desires…and it makes my heart leap with joy when I witness the incredible things that they do!

So I truly believe that miracles can and DO happen every day in every way for my clients and I…and on a bigger level, I believe that if the whole world ‘loved their vibe’ and ‘lived their truth’…as their ‘true/higher self’…not their ‘false/ego self’…it could actually be heaven-on-earth.

At Your Service, E

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