Christmas, What Matters To You Most?

The true meaning of Christmas and the holidays seems to becoming lost, being swept away by the overload of  to-do lists and what seems like too many holiday obligations. While media & even some family members want to encourage you to buy more gifts while attending every community celebration, you just need to concentrate on the spirit of faith, giving with love, and inspiring hope in others. Create holiday traditions with your family to focus on what’s really important to you, not consumerism. Find new and unique ways to celebrate Christmas without spending vast sums of money or heading to the brink of exhaustion in the process.

What matters most to you? Family, community, helping those less fortunate, and honouring our planet? If giving gifts to the people in your life is important to you, then consider items which encourage mindful living or those which impact will continue to be felt long after the Christmas holidays have passed. Alternatively donate time to making someone else’s life better spending time with seniors or volunteering at your local homeless shelter, making charitable donations or planting a tree in someone’s name instead of material items.

Christmas and the surrounding holidays reminds us all of the true spirit of the season…… taking the time for a blessing before a meal, savouring a meal with loved without rush and hurry, and spending time in nature with a walk under the stars helps you reestablish your connect with this amazing time of year. With generosity, goodwill and kindness towards other in your heart will make the next few weeks extraordinary.

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