How To Master The Art Of Mindful Gifting This Festive Season

A huge part of the Christmas atmosphere relies on giving and receiving presents. And whichever side of gifting you’re on, exchanging them should always be a joyful and fulfilling experience. This can be ruined by dwelling on the amount of money that’s appropriate to spend on a present and thinking that the more expensive the present is, the better. However, once we realize that the gift itself isn’t the only thing that matters and that the value of something isn’t determined by how much it costs, we’re on a good way to master the art of mindful gifting.

Mindfulness means that your primary concern is how somebody will feel when they get their gift. It’s the realization that any gift is as valuable as the thought, time and emotion you put into it. The key is to be attentive and to open your mind to the world around you. This way you’ll gain more insight into others’ opinions and desires, allowing you to come up with a thoughtful and creative holiday gift for them. Finally, through practicing mindfulness, you will probably come to the conclusion that the gift isn’t merely an object, but the emotion and positive energy of the people giving and receiving it. So, here is some advice on how to achieve mindfulness in gifting.

Make Timely Plans

Leaving your Christmas shopping for the last possible moment and trying to fight through the crowds in order to find something for those you care for can only cause you stress. This is why people usually buy presents for their loved ones early enough to avoid this mess. However, this should be neither the only, nor the main reason for making gifting plans early. Mindfulness should always come first. When you take time to think about what you want to say with your gift and what kind of emotion you want to express, you will manage to think of the perfect thing. Focus on how that person makes you feel, what your relationship is and what you want it to be and let that inspire you.

Personalize Your Gifts

Don’t let your wallet or the expectations of insignificant people in your life lead you towards your gifting decisions. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive or big, as long as they hold some deeper meaning for you and the ones you give them to. If you add a personal touch to the gift, you’ll make it more intimate and meaningful. Personalized Christmas gifts can be useful, silly or even romantic, but they will certainly make a good impression on people they’re meant for. Look for those gifts that remind you of the ones you’re buying them for, the ones that will do the best job of conveying your ideas and thoughts. Only this way can you give something that’s worth more than money.

Be Creative

When choosing gifts, you don’t actually have to buy something. And if you do decide to spend money on something, it doesn’t have to be a tangible object that will be admired by everybody. If only the person it’s intended for likes it, you’ve done a great job. For example, you can create a photo collage, give somebody a good book from your own collection or, in your own handwriting, give them your secret chutney recipe . Another option is to make time your gift. It can even be something as simple as going to the theatre together, having a cup of coffee in a new café, or an afternoon spent hiking in the countryside. Plus, a hand-made present can also show that you were willing to invest your time and effort into it, so bake chocolate-chip cookies, knit a scarf or even make a piece of jewelry if you’re crafty.

Set The Scene

The way you actually give your present matters as much as the present itself. The whole process should be mindful, from considering what the gift might be to the moment it’s unwrapped. So, make sure it’s wrapped nicely, with a card that contains your own words and wishes, and that you give it at the best possible moment. You can create a special atmosphere by decorating your home, so that it’s more pleasant and that you can sense the magic of Christmas. And when you see how happy your gift has made your loved one, don’t hold back your own love and enthusiasm. Let them see that this gift means a lot to you as well.

If you strive for mindfulness, you will bring Christmas joy not only to the hearts of those you’re giving the gifts to, but also to your own. So, this year, let your gifts be the reflection of how much you care for the people in your life.

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