How To Prepare For An Instagram Worthy Pic Without An Insta Husband

Instagram is all about beautiful, powerful photos that make statements. Right lightning, well-fitted colours well-chosen object, all that is needed for a photograph that will attract many followers. People responsible for amazing fashion content are usually professional photographers or Insta husbands. They are the ones to capture the moment. But what if you can’t afford professional photographer or don’t have an Insta husband? Here are some tips for creating an Instagram worthy pic.


Taking a good photograph starts with a plan. First, write down your ideas and what you want to achieve. Fashion isn’t just about clothes. You want to find the perfect background for your photo, get the perfect lighting, decide on a highlight you want to stress out. There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to. Take your time to shape up your ideas and leave yourself time and space to realize them. Perfect pics are not easy to make and that is why planning is essential.

2. Get The Right Equipment

There are some other things equally important as your camera, whether you use your phone as a camera or you have professional equipment. You need something to put your camera on. If you are taking photos indoors, you can use your furniture as a stand for your camera. You can experiment with different heights to see which height is perfect for your photos. If you want to take photos outside you should get a tripod. A tripod will make it easier for you to choose the right background for your photos as you will not have to search for something to put your camera on.

3. Lighting

Lighting is very important for an outstanding picture. It is of utmost importance to choose the right illumination before you take your shot. If you are inside, then you’ll be able to practice under different lighting and pick the one which will give you the effect you want to achieve.

If you are outside then you will have to pay attention to the position of the sun and how it affects your photograph. Take several pictures during different times just to see the results which will help you choose the best possible time in a day for taking photographs. Proper lighting can either make your photo fabulous or make it a disaster.

4. Take A Photography Course

Even though you can understand the importance of the right environment, the right lighting and right equipment, you may still have doubts about how to put all your creative ideas into work. You are aware of what it takes to draw the attention of Instagram followers but you need that extra boost to be sure that you can make those perfect pics. Why not take one of the very helpful photography courses and let experienced professional help you put all your talents into work. Sometimes the right advice from a professional is just that one missing ingredient that will enable us to create outstanding photographs.

5. Choose A Theme

It is not the same whether you want to take a shot of the whole outfit or just a detail. If you are taking pics of details than you can create a flat lay photograph. You will need a neutral background, good lighting, an item (t-shirt, belt, scarf or a skirt) that will be the focus of the photograph. You’ll also need a few other things to put around the focus item to create the perfect scene. If you are going for the whole outfit than be sure that the background is right and that it stresses out your outfit well.

6. Practice Makes A Master

Practice, practice, practice. Take many pictures of different objects under different lighting and in front of different backgrounds. Study your photographs to see what you like about them and what you don’t like. Try a different approach each time to see how the best one works. Get friendly with your camera and don’t be afraid to use it. After all, maybe you will make a fabulous photo when you are least expecting it. And that is the beauty of taking photos.

Never forget that you should have fun taking your photos. If you are content with what you do and how you do it, it will show in your work. A radiant smile is the best lighting you can get for your photo. Enjoy the whole process of making magnificent pics.

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