Music And Our Emotions

I can remember countless times when I have heard a song and instantaneously a memory or a mood come into play. I, like many, have emotional connections to music. Music is truly a universal language with the capacity to deeply affect our emotions. It can bring us joy, happiness, sadness, it can energize us, make us laugh and dance. It can darn right get under our skin and into our soul bringing all kinds of feelings to the surface. Music is a wonderful way to feel connected and express ourselves.

I remember having a sense of freedom in my childhood home when I could just touch those piano keys and truly make music. The house would be empty and I would raise the lid of our Baby Grand piano and just go to town. I felt so fantastic and free. Classical music consistently brings me calm and relaxation. Traffic jam; classical radio station goes on, Loud noise in my house; classical it is. On the flip side, when I am exercising or running there’s nothing better than some motivational music that fills me with energy and grit to achieve my goals. You get the picture, music can truly speak to our brains in a language like no other.

One of my favourite musical moments nowadays is putting on some songs that my children love jamming out to and even getting the karaoke machine on and watching them dance and sing their hearts out. There is no better joy then watching them express themselves through music, song and dance.

Studies have shown that the influence of music can have many positive effects. Slower rhythms have shown to have more impact over some other genres. Some effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Strengthens learning and memory.
  • Regulates hormones related to stress.
  • Rekindles pleasant experiences and memories.
  • Affects the heartbeat, blood pressure and pulse.
  • It modulates the speed of our brain waves.

Music has a way of bringing people together, creating harmony among us and giving us a true sense of self. I encourage you to go put on your favourite song, one that gives you hope and happiness and restores your faith in just how powerful a person you are when you give in to that inner god or goddess and just be you! Sing, Dance and be Merry!

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