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Tree Sparkles

Hello Everyone,

So my Christmas tree is assembled & looking glittery gorgeous (picture a sweet 5 year old baby girl jumping up and down with excitement), twinkle lights out and holiday wreaths are decorating our entryway doors. And yes, before anyone asks I do try to wait till December 1st. But when being the parent of a little girl who just adores Christmas as much as I do, it’s so lovely just to give in temptation. It’s been really cold, windy and snowy all week long (it’s only November!!) but to be honest, I’ve kind of been loving it. After a super busy summer, it’s been so nice to cozy up this last couple days, I have been cooking all our cold weather favourites and baking gingerbread everything, with my daughter home from school for PD day we are planning on starting our Christmas gift wrapping. As usual here’s a peek into my week with a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

Super Simple  Christmas Decor

My Favourite Ginger Crackle Cookie Recipe

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