The Art of Mindful Relaxation

Life is full of pressure, that’s undeniable. Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or a mom, every job comes with pressure, in one form or another. This is simply the world we live in. However, while the constant rush and the pursuit of our goals is not something we have control over, we do have a say in how we deal with it.

The main problem is, even when we’re not consumed by work and obligations, our minds are buzzing with upcoming tasks, problems and even criticism, either external or internal. This is where the art of mindful relaxation steps in (emphasis on the mindful). We can try to unwind, take a nap or watch a movie, but if we aren’t truly present, we’re not really unwinding. This is where elements of artful living come to play, and today, we’re going to teach you all about calming your mind properly.

Shed The Self-Doubt

Those thoughts that buzz through our heads can be one of the main causes of stress, and subsequently self-doubt. External criticism becomes internalized and we begin to question our worth and whether we’re good enough. As the famous authors of the book on mindful relaxation emphasize, ”language can also be a stressor by creating specific attitudes or reactions. For example, when we consistently repeat words such as terrible, awful, scared, or frightened, we are imposing a pattern in the mind.” Therefore, the first step towards genuine relaxation implies it’s vital that we begin the day on a positive note.

One of the pillars of mindful living is waking up with gratitude and purpose. Hence, one of the best ways to shed all those negative thoughts is to remember all the things we’re good at, all the inner qualities. Give gratitude to everything a new day will bring. Summon the positiveness by saying good things about yourself and your life out loud, and your day will become instantly better. It may sound like a cliché, but it most certainly works.

Take The Time To Clear Your Mind

Meditation has proven to be not only a stress and anxiety reliever, but a true way, a vessel of sorts, to empty the mind and just be in the moment. It may take some time to master the art fully, but in time, you will get into the swing of things. Some people prefer to meditate in complete silence, while others, especially beginners, enjoy being surrounded by calming elements, such as a pleasant scent coming from an aromatic and soothing fragrance diffuser, instrumental music or sounds of the ocean. One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply here. The point is to create the kind of environment that works for you. The main goal is to connect with yourself, chase away all thoughts, and simply BE.

As you continue with this practice, which doesn’t take more than twenty minutes of your time, you will begin to see the results in your everyday life. You will learn to focus on the positive, embrace criticism instead of becoming filled with doubt, stress and defensiveness. The negative will, plainly said, roll off your shoulder and you will start to see the beauty in every aspect of your life. Most importantly, you will become more sharp and aware, which will allow you to fully relish every amazing moment, even the smallest one, and accept the ”bad” ones with incredible strength and resilience.

Oddly Relaxing

You may have this notion that exercising is the opposite of relaxing. Well, while working out does ‘take it out of you’ physically, it’s extremely elevating in the emotional sense. You may engage in any form of physical activity that suits your sensibility and lifestyle. Working out is not just a great stress-reliever but also a way to detoxify the mind. When you’re focused on it, your mind becomes empty, it rests, and that is what it’s all about. In addition to that, exercise has the power to elevate your mood and provide an energy boost.

This, in combination with meditation, will allow you to completely immerse yourself in all the other enjoyable pastimes and hobbies, feeling completely and utterly at ease. It’s amazing how two activities trigger a chain reaction that allows you to implement all the serenity you gain from them in every other aspect of your life.

A Good Snooze Time

In order to wake up feeling good, one simply requires a good night’s sleep. It has become increasingly difficult to get that quality snooze time, given again all the thoughts that go through our head. Luckily, there are amazing pre-sleep rituals that will ensure that you get your mind all cleared up and reclaim your regenerating night of sleep. Take a nice hot shower; pamper your face and body. Place a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow, and if you’re a troubled sleeper, get a sound machine – many swear by it. Finally, put down the phone. The point is to calm the mind, not fill it with additional information and unnecessary stimulation that screen time provides. This will in turn bring us to a full circle of mindful relaxation – a good night leads to a good morning, and subsequently an amazing and fulfilled day.

Four easy steps for a peaceful and aware mind. It doesn’t take much, does it? As you will notice, once you start putting these words into practice, a little goes a long way, and soon enough you will see the world, and your life, through a whole new set of eyes.

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