Favourite Things From Last Few Weeks

The View In My New (Amazingly Comfortable) Boots Last Friday

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time of year, those few weeks after Halloween when the holiday fun and Christmas are almost here, the countdown to December 1st and that Advent calendar has started……and we have inches of snow outside!! Everything here over last few weeks has been a complete and utter whirlwind, with a million things & projects all coming to fruition before the beginning of the Christmas holidays, my calendar is jammed and my to-do-list a very long colourful party streamer. But I’m still feeling centred and definitely on track to make everything happen, I know that life is all about ebb & flow, saying no sometimes is an absolute necessity to keep my sanity and my anxiety levels at a minimum. This weekend is going to be all about Christmas decorating, sparkle lights and soaking fruit for my Christmas baking in the next few weeks. As usual here is a peek into my time in a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

All These Pretties Came Home With Me

Coffee Love From My Favourite Barista At  Silvercreek 

The View Out Of My Breakfast Room Window This Morning, What Difference One Week Makes

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