Must-Try Fall Wedding Ideas

While most of the weddings usually happen in spring and summer, fall and winter have seen a fair share of “I dos” as well. And especially fall, with its vibrant colours, cooler temperatures and seasonal produce for décor, like pumpkins. Because of these and many other attributes, fall is gaining on popularity for being the perfect season for a wedding. So, if you are planning a wedding, consider these must-try fall wedding ideas that will certainly make your special day a memorable one.

Fall Welcome Table

If you are having a wedding outdoors, it’s always nice to start with a warm welcome. Set the table at the entrance of the venue that offers some fall accessories. Place coffee and tea on the table which guests can pour from dispensers into paper cups. Offer throw blankets if the weather is a bit chilly and you can even print your wedding portrait on them for guests as memorabilia.

Serve An Authentic Drink

Cooked wine is a perfect fall drink that your guests will enjoy to drink and smell at the reception. It’s really easy to make and will warm up everyone who drinks it in a minute. Use slices of oranges as decorations for the glasses, but don’t leave in the seasoning since some guests may not appreciate it getting stuck in their teeth.

But why stay on one fall drink, when you can serve several tasty beverages to warm up your guests. Mulled apple cider, cranberry glogg and cinnamon plum cider are classic fall drinks that will make your wedding more unique and authentic.

A Rich Wedding Bouquet

When you go to your florist for a wedding bouquet, ask them to use foliage and colours of the fall. Big flowers combined with smaller wild ones in dark purple, orange, light pink and yellow colours. If you want to go with a smaller bouquet, then choose one large flower and create an arrangement around it. Add some red to spice up the mix, but avoid white and opt for light yellow instead.

Turn On The Classic Boutonnieres

When it comes to fall wedding boutonnieres you can go for something a little bit subtle. Use white flowers with mini pinecones and evergreen foliage to accent the fall. These boutonnieres will go well with whatever clothes your guests wear and will make them more elegant as well.

On the other hand, if you want to stay true to the season, opt for an orange flower like begonia and marigold. Keep it simple since this one flower will be enough to complement the guests’ attire and still allow them to stay fashionable.

Add Something Unexpected

Weddings are all about the atmosphere and positive vibes, so make your event memorable – literarily. Finding a cheap photo booth hire is a fun way to help your guest take a few photos from the wedding that will truly be unique. You can choose HD enclosed booth or a studio one which can fit more people for group photos, or you can go for creating gifs on the spot and sharing them online.

Another unexpected thing may be hiring a DJ for the wedding instead of going for the live band. This way you can choose the songs and spend the money you saved on the DJ for richer catering and gift packages for the guests.

A More Warm Colourful Tablescape

Table decoration can give couples and wedding planners headaches, but believe it or not, fall is the best season to think about tablescaping. The colours of the season are warm with earthy tones like orange predominating in nature. Use orange and white miniature pumpkins as the focal point and add some fruits around them like red apples and purple grapes with some candles.

A few exotic fruits like lemons, oranges, and pomegranates will give the tablescape nice colours, as well. Add some cinnamon sticks to evoke the sweet scent of fall and don’t forget to incorporate all this fruit in the menu to stay true to the season. Apple pie for dessert and salad with pomegranates seeds will surely be a hit.

In The End

Invite the fall to your wedding like it’s a dear guest and allow it to make your event more beautiful and special with its colours and scents. With even one of these must-try fall wedding ideas, you and your guest will have a wonderful time and memories for a lifetime.

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