Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

The message that came through today is short & sweet. I’ve been in Italy the last several weeks co-hosting ‘Unveiling The Masterpiece Of You’: T.C. Chan’s & my quite magical & very FIRST international retreat in beautiful Tuscany ♡ Afterwards, I decided to take some time off to enjoy my dear family in my hometown of Naples, before I flew home.

The time spent with them and on my own touring gorgeous Positano, allowed me to recalibrate and remember who I truly am…a beloved member of an extended family who is deeply cared for. I noticed a much deeper connection to them all. I believe my fierce self love work has allowed me to see them with no judgments (the way I used to)… remembering how I used to be intolerant of their ‘different’…’more Italian’ ways of doing life.

This time I simply and powerfully expressed my love and in turn I received their love in a more beautiful way than I ever have before. It felt SO good to take a break to get really clear that I truly AM love ♡ I also believe that YOU too are love…in fact we ALL are LOVE…if we can only slow down to allow it in ♡

At Your Service, E

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