Why You Should Embrace Yourself Not Change Yourself

We live in a world that puts a high value on body image. How we look became relevant in every aspect of our life and what is even worse people have started appraising our worth based on that. A society that functions in such a way puts a tremendous amount of pressure on a woman to look a certain way to be a certain size. But we are not all the same, nature made sure of that. There are different body types and sizes and they should all be celebrated. But this emotion starts from within us. We need to start recognizing what is beautiful about ourselves and start loving the form that we were given. Of course, this is not always easy, and we will explore some of the best ways to go about this further on in the text. Enjoy!

Don’t Judge Yourself Based On Other People’s Criteria

This is the biggest mistake most of us make. You put the body image that is placed in magazines and online as the universal beauty standard. And it is not. A very small percentage of women looks like that, and not to mention the amount of photoshopping involved in the fashion and beauty industry. The best way to get rid of the insecurities you harbor is to really look at yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and instead of finding an army of flaws start listing the things that you love about yourself. Maybe it’s your hair or your smile, it might even be your shape. Start acknowledging that there are a lot of things beautiful about you.

The most important thing is not seeking validation from anyone else besides yourself. You need to love yourself, regardless of other people’s opinions and perceptions. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so not everyone sees things the same way. But in order to feel good about the way you look and how you feel you need to show yourself the love you think you deserve to get from others.

Put Yourself First

Accepting and loving yourself does not mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself. We need to be healthy to be happy, and that is why it is important to pay extra attention to our daily routines. Eating healthy is not just about losing weight, it is about keeping our immune system in great shape and prolonging our lifespan. Our body needs quality food to feel good and stay healthy. In a similar way doing exercise shouldn’t be just for shedding a few extra pounds, it should be a part of our lifestyle if we want our body to stay mobile well into the old age.

The same goes for the products we use. Don’t put just any old fabric on yourself, make sure you pick comfort and quality, your skin deserves it. This is especially important when choosing lingerie. And don’t let your body shape limit your imagination when it comes to selecting more daring pieces. There is stunning quality plus size lingerie out there that you simply must include in your collection. Wearing just one piece can help you feel more confident and, yes, sexy. So why not go for it. You deserve it.

Throw All The Negativity Out Of The Window

Even if you take all the steps described in the previous two paragraphs, there is always the possibility that things might get you down. When that happens you need to get back to yourself and the love you feel for who you are. Withstanding the pressures of the society is not easy, and today more than ever it seems nearly impossible considering you are bombarded with images and opinions all the time, especially in the digital world. The key is returning to the advice in the first paragraph, not letting other people’s opinions affect you and finding new reasons to love yourself day in and day out.

Embrace yourself and accept yourself just the way you are. Any change you might hope for comes from the fact that you know and love yourself and so you know what you are capable of doing. Remember, in most cases, we are our biggest critics, but we can also be our biggest cheerleaders, if only we make that effort.

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