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Hello Everyone,

It’s been an interesting week around here and while I am beyond blessed that nothing terribly awful occurred, the universe is definitely trying to give me a lesson in patience. It’s been 5 days when an abundance of seemingly insignificant things have all gone really askew. From client samples simply vanishing in transit, items being damaged on arrival, to emails entering into web world never to be delivered to the addressee and at least 10 other tiny mishaps. But everyone is healthy, and no tragedy transpired so you just take a deep breath then exhale and keep going. Tonight sees us out enjoying dinner with some wonderful friends and next week is going to amazing, I just know it. Anyway here is a peek into my week as usual in few photographs……

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

My Daughter Enjoying The Fall Leaves

One Of My Husbands Delicious 20 Minute Dinners

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