5 Creative Ways To Make A Home Gallery Wall

Any home has an art collection mostly comprised of paintings. Many others have interesting photos from family travels that are framed. Both of these need a wall to hang on, but creating one is harder than you think. Not just any wall will do, so you will a touch of creativity to successfully display art in your home. We present you with 5 creative ways in which you can use the wall surfaces in your house or apartment to successfully create your own gallery wall. Not only will it freshen up the whole room, but your visitors will admire the art on display.

Even Distance

Your gallery wall has to be creative, but that does not imply chaos. All the art pieces should be hung equally apart. The ideal distance would be around 5 inches, but you can make custom measurements. You can use the meter as a helpful tool for making the right calculations. Smaller items should be grouped together to form clusters. These will provide more balance against the larger pieces. This rule mostly goes for paintings whose frames under a right angle. If you have items that are shaped irregularly, then take a step back and visualize the layout according to your sense of harmony.

From The Center, Not The Other Way Round

Most people opt to have their gallery wall above the living room sofa. There is nothing wrong with this choice, but the way this idea is executed is often faulty. You start with the number of artwork you have and assume that is all to hang. This is wrong. Always leave room for new items. That is why it is important to hang the first piece, usually the largest, right in the center of the wall. If you like geometry, then measure the exact wall surface to know precisely where the central point is. All other pictures will them spread from the center, leaving plenty of maneuvering space for creativity.

A Portable Wall?

Yes, “above the couch” is the most common location for a home gallery wall, but does the wall have to be immobile? A great idea are portable walls in the forms of room dividers. You have probably seen them behind speakers during press conferences or at your child’s school art show. The latter use reveals an artistic side to them. Since stuff can be attached to them, they are a perfect display for artwork. These portable partition solutions can be placed in the hallway and you can have an art exhibition right there in your home. People will love it and especially children who will be able to post their own drawings on it.

The Colours

We discussed how to group paintings according to size, but their colour also plays an important role. Once you become a seasoned owner of a gallery wall, you’ll notice that artwork is grouped according to colour as well. This does not mean that in one corner only the colour yellow will hang and in the other only the colour blue, but that there is a transition. For instance, art pieces on the right side can be orange, followed by a transition of shades of red in the middle, all the way to the colour purple on the right side. Remember, shades are more important than colour when it comes to a gallery wall.

No Single Spot

So far, we only talked about a gallery wall, not walls. Nobody said that only one wall has to be dedicated to art. Art is scattered through the house, but a gallery wall can have side walls as well. There can be paintings hanging from behind the armchair or above the TV set. These singular pieces will add to a museum-like feeling that you want to get from the room the gallery wall is located in. Also, play with levels and place artwork at all heights. You can hang something from the ceiling and even use floor tiles as a canvas. Like with size and colour, space is also at the disposal of your imagination.

A gallery wall is perhaps the best decoration your home can have. It is created gradually over time so don’t apply these 5 tips right away, but let your creativity run wild. Once completed, it will significantly increase the atmosphere in your home.

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